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Current status of Government Jobs: Good or Bad?

Current status of Government Jobs: Good or Bad?

It seems like positive and negative stories about the condition of personnel budgets in local government are everywhere.  Sure, they are better off than they were during the “Great Recession,” but is that something to really measure against?  And is it fair to compare to pre-recession levels when most economists and government leaders admit we won’t see those again for years to come?

Let’s look at a recent report from the National League of Cities to see if the answer lies there.  According to the City Fiscal Conditions of 2013, report 17% of cities are still implementing layoffs, which is down from 18% last year and 35% in 2010.  And 38% of cities are continuing with hiring freezes down from 45% last year and 74% in 2010. The positive side, layoffs and hiring freezes are down.  The negative side, layoffs and hiring freezes are still happening in over 17% of cities.  Is the glass half empty or half full?

Before we decide it’s all doom and gloom, here’s another stat to consider; college students participating in a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) cited Government as the top industry in which they wish to start their careers.   In my opinion that shows a great deal of integrity that our younger generation is displaying to put the nature of the work before the money in their wallet.  Maybe regardless of all the press, good and bad, public service is still the kind of job that makes Americans feel good, and there are no statistics that can change that.

I guess, in the end, the truth lies in the eye of the data holder.

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