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You’re communicating, but is anyone listening?

It’s no secret that communicating is vital to creating a better work environment. But just because supervisors make the effort to inform employees of something they should be aware of, doesn’t mean they understand its importance. “Why should I care, that’s someone else’s problem” is an opinion based off of misperception. Employees can’t always make heads or tails of what an announcement means to them or their group.

In a recent blog* from HR Schoolhouse’s Robin Schooling, she describes the crucial points to communicating in a way for everyone to understand why they should be listening.
1. Ensure communication is targeted and timely – Right info, right employees, right time
2. Promote interaction – Get some dialogue going
3. Consider format and platforms – Communication platforms should be easy to access

Before supervisors send out the next “memo”, they should give some thought as to what an employee needs to take away from the intelligence. Relay the information in a way that gives the recipients a chance to make an educated decision to take action or not. Regardless of which department or agency it comes from, there are always other groups who could benefit. Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll start listening.
*From Informing to Engaging: Communicating Effectively in Organizations – Posted 3/4/14 by Robin Schooling

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