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Head, heart, or gut: What kind of decision maker are you?

Delynn Copley from the Copley group said it best, “Everyone has a set of gifts and talents, and they are often directly related to how we get in our own way.  The overuse of any strength can easily turn into a weakness.”  We all like to think our strengths are our biggest assets, but if not applied in the correct manner, they simply can turn against us. For example, your attention to detail is remarkable, but your team is always waiting on you to make a decision.  Is it better to let it go to meet a deadline, or push a deadline to create perfection?

I like to think that most of my decisions come from my head.  I look at the situation, analyze, and then make a calculated decision.  But after I read Here’s How Your Personality Type Affects Your Decision Making At Work, written by Erik Larson, Forbes Magazine Contributor, I realized instead of fitting into one personality type, I fit into certain traits that fall in different categories.  And chances are many around us in the workplace do, too. Maybe you’re instinctive (gut) and enthusiastic (head).  Or you like to help others (heart), but still have a strong desire to be in control (gut).

Regardless of your type(s), it’s important to learn how to use them as strengths and apply them to effective decision making.  Reflect on how your decisions impact your organization. Your team is counting on you.




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  1. Daniel Clark #

    For a different perspective, read Michael Lewis, The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds

    March 13, 2017

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