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Where is the Government workforce headed?

Recently, the Center for State & Local Government Excellence (SLGE) released it’s report on State & Local Government workforce trends in 2017.  The data is particularly compelling because they have benchmarked data from years past to compare it to.  In some cases, the data tells us something we most likely suspected; like a continued upward trajectory in hiring.  But the statistics still paint a picture of where we are headed in the coming years.

The strong need to prepare for the future is glaringly obvious as you read through the findings.  Fifty-five percent of retirement-eligible employees are either continuing as planned or accelerating their retirement dates.  The numbers reflect the pressure that is on to put succession plans into high-gear.  It’s easy to imagine what 55% of knowledge walking out the door, without any contingency strategy, would do to an organization.

Governing writer, Patrick Ibarra, talks about this growing need in his article, Why Governments Need to Ramp Up Succession Planning.  He writes, “Effective succession planning in government is an ongoing, dynamic process, not a static, one-time objective.”  As entities plan for the future, succession planning should not be considered a “trend”, but rather a change in the way of doing business.  This need to transfer knowledge in an effort to mitigate disruption in service will continue long after the term ‘succession planning’ has lost it’s place on the “hot topics” list.



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